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CafePress One Fabulous Daughter-In-Law Travel Mug

If you are here looking for a little something for your daughter in law, then we must applaud you for the good relationship between the two of you.

It’s not a secret that most mothers in law and daughters in law don’t get along. But when they do, the friendship is usually one of a kind, and an occasional gift from either of them is one of the ways to communicate their feelings of appreciation for each other.

That said, we can’t truly think of a perfect gift for your adorable daughter in law than this stainless steel travel mugs by CafePress. The print on the front side of the mug says it all. Branded mugs with a customized message never truly get out of style.

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When it comes to capacity, it can’t get better than this. This insulated coffee tumbler is large enough to accommodate 16 oz. of your favorite beverage. It stands at 7.25” tall and 3.5” diameter.

Even though it's capacious enough to hold a good amount of coffee, its well designed into a size that fits most car cup-holders.

This makes it the best choice of a coffee mug to have when commuting to work, or an easier option for a quick brew when using a pod-style coffee maker.

Not only does this mug keep your beverage hot or cold for long, but it also keeps the contents well contained. It's designed with a spill-resistant lid to ensure that whatever is inside stays put as it should.

To add to that, it features a carry handle which makes it easy to walk around with especially when you are on the move.


It features a lovely design and expressive artwork

Made of insulated stainless

Ideal for commuting

It has a spill-resistant lid and a carry handle