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Barnett’s Gourmet Chocolate Fathers Day Biscotti

At one point in life, you will probably need to stand by a friend who has to face difficult moments. At this time, it is your responsibility to make them feel your presence even when you cannot be there with them.

That means going out of your way to treat them to a beautiful gift package and possibly make them feel better.

If you have such an idea in mind, then this pack of biscotti will do the trick for you. It is designed as a suitable package for different occasions as well as a sympathy gift for friends and loved ones. Also, it is ideal for both men and women regardless of the age.

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Detailed information about Barnett’s Gourmet Chocolate Fathers Day Biscotti

The pack comes with freshly bakes biscotti to deliver to the expectation. Also, the box has 12 biscotti all finished using different dips for that extra flavor, texture, and color.

The toppings include candied almonds, caramel chip, craisins, peppermint, cookies and coconut crunch. That means each set of 2 biscotti have the same topping.

The biscotti are nicely presented in a quality gift box that is ready to give. That makes them suitable for any occasion including anniversaries, formal functions as well as a get well soon gift.

One thing the recipient will appreciate is the preparation process that utilizes natural ingredient for wholesome results.