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Bat Mitzvah Stars Necklace

If you have been invited to Bat Mitzvah to celebrate a young girl who just turned of age, it would be a kind gesture to grace the occasion with a gift. This is a major milestone in her life, and it’s upon you and the people close to her to make it memorable. Forget about the spiritual books and the cliché gifts most people tend to bring.

How about you put a smile in her face with this Bat Mitzvah stars necklace from Alef Bet by Paula. This is exactly the kind of gift that is more likely to make you witness excitement, hugs and most importantly authentic smile when she unwraps the gift box. Remember you are dealing with a teenager, and this is one her most memorable day, and the gift should be one she will live to remember for a long time.

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Detailed information about Bat Mitzvah Stars Necklace

This heart jewelry will give you a unique opportunity to celebrate her special day. It's a lovely Jewish star necklace shaped like a heart to show your unending love for her. The stars are delicately enveloped within the heart-shaped pendant with a lovely pattern that makes the entire necklace look exceptionally elegant.

A Jewish star is a symbolic gift, and it's mostly a gift choice when celebrating a Bat Mitzvah. It's perfect for just about anyone and any age. With this pendant, you will be passing a message of love and faith, all combined in one.


A lovely necklace to celebrate faith with love and pride

Made from safe precious metal -925 sterling silver

Designed with lovely Jewish stars to symbolize the gift of faith