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Woodstock Solo Silver Zenergy Chime- Eastern Energies Collection

The Woodstock Percussion Solo Chime and Mallet can relax the mind and body, allowing those who hear it to bring their attention to the potential of the present moment. When struck by the mallet, the single resonating intonation from this chime has a powerful effect on anyone who is nearby. The chime can be used to draw the attention of students, employees, a crowd, or even just a few people when used in meditation practices. From a classroom full of students to an office meeting, this chime is a calming method of bringing those you want together. Instead of having to shout to get the attention of others, this peaceful instrument will bring harmony to the room. To calm the body and mind and give pause from the hectic rush of modern day life, this original singular charm by Woodstock Percussion brings a modern touch to the centuries-old practice of meditation.

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The chime itself is crafted from aluminum that is polished to a silver shine, and the base housing it is built from pale cherry ash wood. If you wish to hang the chime on the wall, a keyhole slot is built into the wooden back of the base. This can allow your chime to be a permanent fixture anywhere you wish, or it can easily be taken wherever you go. Each chime is carefully tuned and delicately packaged to maintain the quality of its sound. The black handheld mallet is designed to be held in the opposite hand to strike the chime, and can be kept between the chime and the wooden base for effortless storage.