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Tiny Hebrew Jewish Dainty Chai Necklace

This tiny Hebrew Jewish necklace from Alef Bet by Paula would make a lovely gift for a woman or a young girl in your life. If you have been honored to attend Bat Mitzvah, this dainty Chai necklace would be an excellent gift to commemorate the occasion and celebrate her. It’s beautiful, and its delicate. It’s everything that a woman or a girl would need to pull a simple yet elegant look.

This necklace which is discreet in size looks stunning and makes a lovely Jewish pendant. It can be worn anywhere; in the office, to church or when going shopping at the mall, or a date with your spouse or with your girls. It’s absolutely fantastic, and it will complement any outfit including casual and official wear.

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Detailed information about Tiny Hebrew Jewish Dainty Chai Necklace

Even though its distinctly tiny, this Jewish pendant will dazzle the wearer and make them stand out elegantly, it is meant to bring goodness and pure enjoyment in one’s life.

It’s an inspirational and uplifting necklace to be given with lots of blessings and love. Most importantly, it’s a quality necklace made of sterling silver; it's solid, and it will last the recipient for quite a long time. The dainty pendant measures approximately ¼ “and it’s a strung a 16” chain.

The silver metal used in making this necklace is completely safe on skin. It will not cause skin discoloration or allergies and other metal related problems. Even better, it can be paired with other necklaces.


A tiny dainty Jewish gift with Chai charm for  good luck, good health, and prosperity

A suitable gift for Bar/Bat Mitzvah and to celebrate a baby

Made of solid and safe sterling silver material