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Pint Glasses – Firefighter Gift for Men or Women

Looking for a unique gift for a firefighter friend or family member of yours? These pint glasses will be the perfect gift that reminds them of their service and allows them the chance to sit back and relax – as there is no one more deserving!

Complete with the classic firefighter logo with the banner saying ‘Tradition, Dedication, Sacrifice’, these pint glasses are striking and will look great on display in anyone’s kitchen!

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Detailed information about Pint Glasses – Firefighter Gift for Men or Women

Each glass is 16 oz. and you can choose what size set you want to get as a gift: you can either get a set of 2, 4, 6, 12, or 24, or you can choose to get just a single glass or get the full collector set! With the collector set, you will also get matching shot glasses and pilsner glasses! You have plenty of flexibility to select the perfect gift set for the special firefighter (or firefighters) in your life.

These glasses are perfect to give as a gift on any occasion, and will then be staple glasses to bring out and use. Perfect to use every day, as they are sturdy and durable, or to pull out over the holidays, these glasses are incredibly versatile and will be the perfect addition to any firefighter’s home.