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Military Shot Glasses

We always think of our fellow men in the military as the hardest of the hard and the baddest of the bad. The amount of discipline and courage needed to serve the country is astounding. But then again, the military isn’t always so serious.

There’s room for fun and games, too. “Work hard, play hard,” they always say. And boy, do our boys and girls in the service know how to party. These shot glasses are a great way to add just a little more fun to the occasion.

This shot glass is a 6-inch tall shot glass. That’s right, 6 inches tall – perfect for taking tall, hard shots of liquor when it’s time to let loose.

Well, depending on your branch at least. Kidding aside, these shot glasses hold up to 1 oz or nearly 30 mL of liquor for you to shoot down.

Great gift for the veterans in your life!

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Detailed information about Military Shot Glasses

It comes in a variety of packages. On top of that, the shot glasses ships by priority in 2-3 days. Less waiting and low prices? That sounds like a great deal to us!

So who’s going to come out on top of the liquor game? Will it be the Grunts? The Army? The Marines?

In any case, this gift is guaranteed to put a smile on some faces and maybe even get a laugh out of others.


Durable and very affordable

A fun shot glass that will be the stuff of legends in parties