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Titanium Lord of the Rings Pendant with Stainless Steel Chain

Some of the standard pieces relating to shows and novels happen to be jewelry pieces. They are easier to choose for a loved one as gifts, and there is always something to match the recipient’s style. Also, jewelry pieces are easy to keep a memory of a show, character or novel the recipient loves.

This particular ring is designed for the Lord of the Rings fan. It matches both men and women and works well like any necklace would do. This can be a great additional gift item for a Lord of the Rings package you could be sending out to someone.

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Detailed information about Titanium Lord of the Rings Pendant with Stainless Steel Chain

The ring pendant is made of titanium steel which is known to last a long time in excellent condition. It is a removable pendant and comes engraved in Lord of the Rings phrases. The ring pendant has a glossy gold finish which makes it a statement piece. It comes with a stainless steel chain for contrast and style. It is easy to fit and open and is thick enough to hold the ring pendant.

The chain comes in two different sizes to match both women and men. For the men, the 20 inches chain fits perfect while women can choose the 18-inch for a suitable fit. The chain is top-quality and does not fade or tarnish. It is anti-allergy and hence ideal for people with metal allergy.