Zibaar Bluetooth Beanie Hat with V4.2 Bluetooth Headphone

Teenage girls are complicated. One day they are all sweet and nice to you and the next thing you know they are ready to rip your head off. As adults, we understand that sometimes they just want to be left alone – with all the growing pains and changes in their bodies, we can only imagine what they are going through.

Good thing is, we were teenagers once and have been in that position before, which makes it a little easier for us to give them something they will be grateful for – and with that said, we present to you a product every then-teenager-now-adults wished they had – the Bluetooth Beanie Hat with Bluetooth headphones.

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Detailed information about Zibaar Bluetooth Beanie Hat with V4.2 Bluetooth Headphone

So what is it exactly? This beanie hat is unlike any other, for it has headphones that you can connect to a phone via Bluetooth. This means hours and hours of listening to your favorite songs or talking to their friends.

It is a great gift for teenagers who sometimes just need to shut the world off when they need to. Show your support to the “not a girl, not yet a woman” teenager in your life as they experience the most enjoyable and challenging moment of their lives. The beanie also comes in 14 different colors that will surely match any outfit.


Fashion and comfort in one – warm yet incredibly stylish

Has a wide array of colors to choose from

Easy connection to supported devices