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The Paper Tablet – Digital Notepad

Electronic devices are all well and good for reading and writing but they will never fully replace a paper pad for writing, sketching and drawing. Until now that is!

The Paper Tablet – 10.3” Digital Notepad from reMarkable is a really good attempt to replace paper with an electronic 10” tablet. The surface of the tablet feels like paper, looks like paper and the user can write on the surface like pen on paper as well. To help with that the Paper tablet comes with a marker pen and eight extra Marker tips. No other device worldwide can give an experience so close to the feel of writing on real paper and this will certainly change the way that people work.

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Detailed information about The Paper Tablet – Digital Notepad

Let’s start at the beginning and go through exactly what this remarkable Paper tablet can do. Firstly the user is able to write on the surface with the special marker. The device then converts the handwritten notes into typed text so that they can be shared using standard pdf, png, and SVG compatible software.

Just like one of the more expensive book-reading devices, the screen has no glare and no backlight so the reading experience is as much like from a paper surface as is possible. It is so easy to read in direct sunlight, unlike most other Tablets. The user can annotate documents just like using a pen and paper.



The idea behind the device is to replace a pen and paper environment

The screen looks and feels like paper and allows the user to write and draw using the special marker


The response time of the marker lags behind the screen