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If there is one popular game that is not on the computer screen that everyone knows about, chances are you would say it is the Rubik’s cube. The popular 3D combination puzzle was conceived in the ’70s and since then, it has endured the test of time and still proves to be popular among people of all ages.

Along with the rising popularity of the Rubik’s Cube also came the upward climb of Star Trek, an American TV series turned movie series that has captured the hearts and minds of many with its fantastical approach of science fiction, to which it has been dubbed a “space opera”. Now, wouldn’t it be cool if both of those things from the not so distant past merged together to create an awesome product?

We think so too, and we have found it! Here we have the Star Trek Next Generation Borg Puzzle, a Rubik’s cube that is designed with the Star Trek fan in mind.

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Detailed information about Star Trek: The Next Generation Borg Puzzle Cube – Sci Fi Nerd Block

This 3 inch Borg puzzle has high quality stickers that are printed in high definition so your chances of solving the puzzle are better. But do not be fooled – this Borg Puzzle cube is more complex and challenging compared to the normal Rubik’s cube because of the intricacy of the lines and overall design of the spacecraft. Even the packaging says “A Solution is Futile” - Indeed, time is of the essence in solving this one.


Officially Star Trek licensed novelty item

Great gift for fans of Star Trek that grew up in the 70s or 80s

Complex puzzle