Selk’Bag: Adult Wearable Sleeping Bag

Are you the person who loves to go camping? What about spending the night at someone’s house? If you are, then you have most likely used a sleeping bag for those occasions on numerous times. Depending on the particular one, they can actually make you quite hot. That is because well, it is a bag and is meant to keep all the heat inside. There is also another problem. Not only does it make you hot, but if you need to go use the restroom at night, you gotta then unzip everything and then go about changing into something warmer to be able to then walk to the bathroom. What if there was a way through that you could have a sleeping bag that will keep you warm, but you won’t need to unzip it as well as being able to look really stylish in it? Well, there is which is why we here at That Sweet Gift would now like to present you the Selk’Bag, the one and only Adult Wearable Sleeping Bag!

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Detailed information about Selk’Bag: Adult Wearable Sleeping Bag

So, what is the Selk’Bag? Well, the Selk’Bag is essentially a wearable sleeping bag in the shape of a human that you well, wear instead of just sleeping in. Although, you can and do sleep in the Selk’Bag. Since you are wearing it, it might as well actually look nice, which is exactly why the company went about creating some Selk’Bags that look like some famous characters. The company offers some plain old boring versions, but we here at That Sweet Gift wanted to show you the ‘special’ ones, the Star Wars Version! The company makes both child and adult sizes. Out of the characters in the Star Wars Universe, or well galaxies, you can choose from either a Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Storm Trooper, or Rebel Pilot Selk’Bag; each costing about $109. Each Selk’Bag has removable ‘booties’ in which you can choose to put shoes on. It also has holes to have your hands out as well as a quick dual zipper for entering/exiting as well as pocket access.