Quadcopter Drone With Camera Live Video and Remote Control

The Quadcopter drone is the perfect starter drone for kids and adults alike. This easy to use multifunction drone will definitely be a big hit with anyone who flies it.

QCopter has the answer in the Quadcopter Drone that is just right for beginners, easy to control right from the start. This drone has an intuitive control system that is navigated right from your smartphone.

No lengthy manual to dissect, no hours of studying in order to enjoy this gift. Even a beginner or a child can handle the Quadcopter.

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Detailed information about Quadcopter Drone With Camera Live Video and Remote Control

Unlike most other brands of drones that have an average of 6 to 8 minutes of flying time, this drone comes with a long life battery that lasts up to 30 minutes.

Additionally, this product comes with a second identical battery so there won’t be any interruptions in the navigation of this drone or in the fun!

The onboard camera transmits pictures as well as a live video feed with a top-notch WiFi FPV high definition camera.

Other lesser comparable products come with a 720P camera and cannot produce the same quality pictures as the Quadcopter does. Take this little beauty for a flight and get to see the world from a whole new viewpoint!


Control function from a smartphone is intuitive, basic, and simple to learn

Equipped with a long-lasting powerful battery that will sustain up to a 30 minute fly time

Comes with a replacement crash kit for a quick repair without going to a shop

Fully backed by top-notch after purchase customer support, full satisfaction guaranteed