Pure Athlete Merino Wool Plaid Ski Socks

This pair skiing socks from Pure Athlete are the true definition of comfort, warmth, protection and excellent support. If you know someone who would appreciate a pair of quality socks particularly for outdoor activities, then look no further.

This will be a great gift for the skiers, snowboarders, hunters, campers’ hikers and generally the outdoorsmen in your life. These are people who need to keep warm while out there doing what they love best.

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Detailed information about Pure Athlete Merino Wool Plaid Ski Socks

The plaid ski socks are made from a blend of quality material which includes 61% of acrylic, 27% of wool, 7% nylon and 5% spandex. Good socks are not only supposed to keep the wearer warm, but they should also pull snug from top to bottom and against the skin.

They are comfortable, breathable and able to absorb sweat and distribute it well through the sock material to the outer surface.

The wool material used is responsible for keeping the feet at the perfect temperature while out there in the cold skiing or hunting.

They are designed with a non-slip cuff which prevents the socks from slipping and sliding down to the boots. The socks stay up and snug the whole time.


Ideal for outdoor activities in the cold

Designed with a light padding around the shin area to reduce shin bang

Have padding on the heel and the feet area for extra warmth

Medium thick socks that offer enough warmth and comfort for all-day wear