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Pavilion Gift Company Friends Are Flowers Teapot and Cup Set

This fun and colorful single serve tea set for one would make the perfect gift to a best friend. Thoughtful, useful and sentimental, this is one gift that will make her day complete.

The sweet tea set is the perfect way to let a friend know just how important she is. It is easy to forget to tell those who mean the most to us how much they are loved, and this single-cup tea service will be there to remind her every single day.

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Detailed information about Pavilion Gift Company Friends Are Flowers Teapot and Cup Set

Tes teapot and cup combination was created by Amylee Weeks especially for the Pavilion Gift Company and cannot be found anywhere else.

Amylee found inspiration in the garden resplendent with its beautiful lush blooms. The message on the front also has a botanical inspiration; “Friends Are Flowers in the Garden of Life”.

True words that will make any best friend feel loved and special. The message on the front has a background of white polka dots on a beige field.

The teapot portion has a creamy white handle and spout with a dark rose lid.

The lid also has an interlocking tab on the inside to keep it from coming off when pouring out the contents of the pot.

The cup portion of this service is done again with a creamy white background covered with colorful and whimsical flowers over its entirety.

The handle once again is creamy white in color just like the teapot. All of these colors together paint a warm and loving picture of best friends.


This ingenious server has an all in one design with stacked teapot and cup

Made of durable stoneware that is safe for use in the dishwasher and microwave oven

Comes with message tag perfect for a gift to a special sister