Men’s Bath Bomb Set of 9 by Natural Essence

Getting a gift for a man in your life, a loved one, or a male friend can be a tricky business. Sometimes we tend to think men only love traditional gifts such as whiskey stones, electronics, and sporty items. While there is nothing wrong with such gifts, it’s good to be a bit unpredictable and surprise him with an unexpected gift.

Here is what you need to get him – some pampering! Yes, just like women, men love a bit of pampering and relaxation too. You might think this kind of spa gift will make him feel less masculine, but this Men’s Bath Bomb set by Natural Essence is purposely made to uplift a man’s masculinity and make him feel good about himself.

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Detailed information about Men’s Bath Bomb Set of 9 by Natural Essence

The bath set is made of natural ingredients and is absolutely safe on skin. It is actually designed for men and its suitable for sensitive skin.

The bath bombs are large sized and organic. They are handmade and will effectively release extended fizz that with bubbles that last in the entire bath making it absolutely difficult to come out of the bathroom. And even better, the spa balls leave no residue behind so no hassles of clean up after taking a long relaxing bath.


Refreshing and relaxing bath bombs for men

Ideal spa gift for men

They have essential oils that moisturize the skin

Fizz throughout in the bathtub