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Lalabu Dad Shirt

When you are carrying around the new-born, it can often be very daunting, especially for daddy. It is difficult to keep hold of the little one safely without using both arms all the time and even then most men are worried they will drop their precious bundle. Not anymore! This clever baby wearing garment from Lalabu is just fabulous when dad wants to bond with the little one while doing chores around the home.

The shirt itself is made from 66% polyester, 32% rayon and 2% spandex so it is hardwearing and will bounce back into its proper shape when you aren’t carrying baby. This means the V neck casual shirt can be worn as a normal garment when the baby is asleep at home or in the buggy. It comes in two colours (Serene Green and Simple Grey) and is available is three sizes (Small, Medium and X Large), but these are ok because the garment is all about keeping baby safe and snuggly.

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Detailed information about Lalabu Dad Shirt

The strengthened pouch sited on the chest part of the shirt is just the right size to place the new born and in fact any child up to 15lbs in weight. There are no adjustable straps necessary, no wrapping the little one and no tying of cords or strings, it is just so easy to place baby in the pouch and off you go.

Dads can take their new born on adventures straight away without any preparation. Chores around the house are no longer a worry (as long as you aren’t doing anything too loud or aggressive. For example, it wouldn’t be suitable to carry the baby if you were chopping wood or climbing a ladder so let’s just be sensible about this thing shall we?). This is perfect for holding baby while washing the dishes, vacuuming the floor, going for a walk, shopping at the mall, reading a book or even just sitting and watching television.


This shirt is made with 100% synthetic fibres so it combines strength with elasticity and won’t stretch out of shape with repeated use

Perfect for allowing Dad to bond with baby and still get on with his normal life