ICE Harmony Floating Bluetooth Speaker

The market is full of countless brands of Bluetooth speakers. But this Floating Blue Speaker by ICE harmony is certainly a fresh breath of air for modern technology, and it will certainly give you a jaw-dropping experience. This speaker is so refined and hi-tech it definitely shows you how far we have actually come in terms of technology.

The ICE Orb Harmony is designed with an exquisite design. The levitating pod features a soft cushion padding that gets softly illuminated when you switch on the levitating pod. It emanates a warm, soft golden glow which beautifully complements the entire device.

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Detailed information about ICE Harmony Floating Bluetooth Speaker

To add to that, the glow is adjustable. This makes the speaker a perfect companion as a meditating or yoga session device that offers you endless hours of music playback or as a bedside lighting when reading a book or falling asleep to your favorite music.

It can connect with any Bluetooth enabled device such as tablets and smartphones for seamless connectivity giving you hours of endless music. As you listen to your music, the levitating pod will continue to illuminate your space with a soft glow creating a soothing environment to enrich your music experience and make it memorable.

This is a high tech speaker designed to offer 360ﹾ sound experience while at the same time, giving you a serene environment for you to concentrate better and always have the calm that you long for when listening to music.


Gives off a warm golden glow

The brightness is adjustable

Compatible with other Bluetooth enabled devices

Stable base and ability to balance on its axis dynamically

Quality and clear 3D sound surround effect