Houndstooth Cashmere Scarf for Women

Scarves have lately become a fashion statement for both women and men. Yes, it will keep you warm when the weather gets chilly, but what kind of scarf are you wearing? Believe it or not, the kind of scarf a woman wears sends out a fashion statement about their personality and style.

And so, if you have a special woman in your life, it could be your wife, girlfriend, mom, grandma, sister, daughter or a friend, we are certain that she will be thrilled to receive this 2 ply Houndstooth cashmere scarf for women by Sunyandy. It’s elegant and stylish enough to coordinate with nearly any outfit in the closet.

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Detailed information about Houndstooth Cashmere Scarf for Women

Houndstooth has always been a preferred choice of fabric when it comes to fashion and trends. It represents class, style, and elegance and it's a favorite when it comes to big - name designer scarves such as Dior and Chanel. The recipient will not only get to have a beautiful scarf but will have a chance to spot one that features the latest design in the fashion industry.

In addition, this classy scarf has a fringe design. In case you didn't know, the tassel is the modern day favorite. It gives the scarf a fashionable retro look and makes it romantic. But that’s not the end of the all the good stuff going on with this simple and stylish piece of cloth.


Fashionably designed

It's comfortable and warm

It's luxurious

Comes packaged in a beautiful gift box tied neatly with a bow