Echo Women’s Faux Fur Vest

There is nothing quite like the softness of fur on clothing to give a feeling of luxury and opulence. Unfortunately, real fur is very expensive to buy and anyway is completely unnecessary to use as we have many imitation fur fabrics that do the same job just as well as natural fur. This vest from Echo is an example of the imitation fur products.

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Detailed information about Echo Women’s Faux Fur Vest

This would be a lovely gift for the special woman in your life, whether it is your spouse, partner, mother or daughter it will look good on any woman of any age. It will make an ideal gift for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, going on vacation or in fact any celebration at all or even no celebration, but just because you can.

A number of the customer reviews suggest that the sizing may be way off and not what you are used to. Take care when ordering and try to order a vest larger than you need. When it comes to time for laundry remember that the faux fur vest needs to be dry cleaned only.


This vest is a really great 100% polyester faux fur garment with a silky 100% polyester lining

Comes in four different neutral colours

This is available in three different sizes

Can be worn as a casual garment or as a more formal sophisticated vest


This garment can only be dry cleaned