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Disney Popular Characters Vinyl Wall Clock Gift

Disney characters will be forever popular. The old-time favorites such as Minnie and Micky Mouse, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck, and of course their dog Pluto will always be fun and will always bring a smile to the faces of children and adults, both young and old.

This clock from is a fantastic gift that most people of any age will love. It is based around an old 12” vinyl LP record with the heads of the cartoon characters carved from the LP. In the center of the LP, there is a clock face with an hour, minute and second hand.

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Detailed information about Disney Popular Characters Vinyl Wall Clock Gift

Within the specifications, the manufacturer tells the customer that the clock face is only a sticker and that the LP record may have some scratches on the face. Neither of these will detract from the joy of having a Disney clock complete with sculptures of your favorite Disney characters. This is a really unique gift for anyone who enjoys the old-time Disney characters.

This will be suitable to give to boys and girls from a young age right up to adulthood. Buy one to give to your children or grandchildren for their bedrooms or why not fit one to the wall in your house so the kids will have something to look forward to when they visit.


This Disney Character Clock is made from a real 12” vinyl long-playing record that is in mint condition

The clock has a quartz movement to ensure the utmost accuracy in keeping the correct time

It uses just one AA battery that will last for many months

The Disney characters are sculpted from the vinyl LP to look as if they are all peeping over the edge of the LP