Deco Flair Cat Figurine Metal Wine Bottle Holder

Since we all have wine lovers in our lives and we love them enough to treat them with wine gifts to enhance their drinking experience, we couldn’t help but pick this overly cute cat figurine wine bottle holder.

It is full of cuteness and the perfect depiction of an adorable cat with a bottle-shaped body. You just want to cuddle this bottle and comfort the cat.

It’s not a brainer that wine needs to be stored properly if you are to enjoy its full taste. Regardless of the age of the wine, the shape of the bottle and the taste of the wine, that bottle of wine has to be stored properly.

This wine holder will do a perfect job keeping the wine in the right conditions. It’s also whimsical and looks adorably cute.

It will add a bit of pizzazz to any tabletop! Perfect home & office gift for any occasion!


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Detailed information about Deco Flair Cat Figurine Metal Wine Bottle Holder

It is designed with decorative detailing which includes pointed cat ears, coiled metal rods to make stimulated claws, curled tail and a collar where a beautiful charm dangles.

With the red and gold tones, this quirky wine holder is certainly whimsy and fun to look at. Once loaded with a wine bottle, it will stand out beautifully and become fully noticeable.

This is a reflection of feline cuteness. The cat gracefully and adorably holds the bottle with a look that seems to call you to pour out the precious drink inside.

It is truly a uniquely shaped wine bottle holder!


Features a whimsical character design

Made of steel construction

It's unique and functional

Holds a standard sized wine bottle

Doubles up as a wine holder and a décor piece