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Bob’s Burgers: The Bob’s Burgers Music Album Vinyl Boxset

Bob’s Burgers is one of the most loved animated show that truly needs no introduction.

With 9 seasons already out and the 10th one about to hit the screens, the animated Fox Comedy remains to be one of the most-watched series and enjoys a high rating and viewership.

But, it’s not only the intrigues of the show centered around the Belcher family and their hamburger restaurant that keep fans glued on the screen but also the musical moments.

The show awes its fans with a good portion of delightful and consistent music. Needless to say that the music can be weird but good enough to keep its viewers yearning for more.

For example, Gene, Belcher’s middle child, is a budding musician and is always composing songs on his keyboard and producing original tunes.

Over the years, as the show’s viewership grew and the seasons kept coming in, so did the show’s musical personality and presence grow.

It evolved to include awesome parodies, full-length pop songs and more familiar hits including intricate mini-musicals.

Perfect musical and unusual gift for anyone!

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Detailed information about Bob’s Burgers: The Bob’s Burgers Music Album Vinyl Boxset

The musical part of the show extended to include prominent artists such as St. Vincent, The National and Cyndi Lauper with songs like Taffy Butt.

Good news to diehard fans of this animated show, Bob's Burgers music album is now out and is here to save them.

They can now listen to "Taffy Butt," and other unusual songs collected from this animated sitcom in vinyl, audio CD and even stream it.

The unusual music album is available in white and colored vinyl (mustard yellow, ketchup red and of course relish green).

It also comes fully with the fixings including an illustrated hardcover lyric book, 3 folded posters, softcover music book, exclusive patch, and a sticker patch.


Bob’s Burgers music album featuring 112 song tracks from the show

Available in different formats

Comes with a hardcover lyric book, posters, and so much more