Baby Bonding Bracelet

A mom to be has a lot on her to-do list as she prepares for the baby. In the midst of buying onesies, feeding bottles, diapers, decorating the nursery, assembling the baby cot and so on she is likely to forget herself. Everyone around her is also probably bombarding her with baby clothing, toys and other baby gifts which is still a good gesture.

But what you need is to show her love and support with a gift that she can use during pregnancy and after she delivers. Something that will remind her of her beautiful journey, and help her bond with her new bundle of joy. This baby bonding bracelet from Easy Mom $ Baby is such a thoughtful gift perfect for a mom-to-be.

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Detailed information about Baby Bonding Bracelet

Traditionally, this semi-precious stone is believed to be an empowering bond between the person wearing it and those close to her. The rose quartz stone is associated with fertility, and it's believed that it protects a woman during childbirth.

This is an emotional bracelet meant to give a new mom the courage, peace, and self-confidence to push through and enable her feed and nurture the baby. It will also help her develop a strong bond and intense love between her and the newborn.


A unique and thoughtful baby bonding bracelet meant to empower a mom to be

Delicately crafted with rose quartz beads and a heart which are believed to aid fertility and protect the mother

A nursing bracelet meant to help the mother remember the side her baby nursed from last


The color tends to fade quicker than expected